Thank County Commissioners & State Legislators

Thank the Multnomah County Commissioners and your State Legislator if they were among those who pressured the City to deny the LUCS.

Chair Deborah Kafoury
Commissioner Sharon
Commissioner Shsheela
Commissioner Lori Stegman
Commissioner Jessica Vega

These are the State Legislators who sent a joint letter requesting that the City of Portland deny the LUCS. If one of them is your representative, please contact them to say thank you. To find their contact information, see this page.

Rep. Khanh Pham, HD 46
Rep. Lisa Reynolds, HD 36
Rep. Sheri Schouten, HD 27
Rep. WLnsvey Campos, HD 28
Rep. Maxine Dexter, HD 33
Rep. Dacia Grayber, HD 35
Rep. Rachel Prusak, HD 37
Rep. Karin Power, HD 41
Rep. Rob Nosse, HD 42
Rep. Tawna Sanchez, HD 43
Rep. Zach Hudson, HD 49
Rep. Ricki Ruiz, HD 50
Former Representative for HD 36 Akasha Lawrence Spence
Sen. James Manning Jr., SD 7
Sen. Deb Patterson, SD 10
Sen. Kate Lieber, SD 14
Sen. Chuck Riley, SD 15
Sen. Elizabeth Steiner Hayward, SD 17
Sen. Michael Dembrow, SD 23
Sen. Kayse Jama, SD 24
Sen. Chris Gorsek, SD 25

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