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The Critical Energy Infrastructure Hub (CEI Hub) is a six-mile stretch along the west side of the Willamette River. This place has deep cultural significance for many Indigenous Peoples. Where there was once a bountiful hunting, gathering and trading center for First Peoples of the Pacific NW, ten major fuel terminals clustered here now store 360 millions gallons of fuel—90% of Oregon’s liquid fuel and 100% of the aviation fuel for Portland International Airport. Zenith Energy, which is located here, has historically transported crude oil from the Bakken oil fields in North Dakota and Canadian Alberta tar sands.

The CEI Hub was built before we understood this region’s earthquake risk from the Cascadia Subduction Zone and Portland Fault. Significant parts of the Hub are built on landfill, in what used to be lakes, wetlands and small communities along the river. What seems like solid ground will liquify when an earthquake occurs. Read more…

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Reasons to say NO to Zenith Energy because:

Dangerous oil trains are running through our neighborhoods carrying large amounts of flammable or poisonous oil from the tar sands of Canada and the Bakken fields of North Dakota.

Five years ago, an oil train derailed and burst into flames in Mosier Oregon. Fortunately, no one was hurt. We might not be so fortunate next time.

Tar Sands oil is one of the most destructive and least efficient fossil fuel extraction process on the planet, with about 70% more carbon emitted per unit of energy.

The gallons of oil Zenith brought through Portland was eleven times higher in 2019 than it was in 2018 and increased again in 2020.

At Zenith’s NW Portland operations, oil is stored and loaded onto ocean-going ships that travel down the Willamette and Columbia Rivers endangering our waterways.

Diesel exhaust from these oil trains contain more than 40 hazardous pollutants that cause extreme air particulate and noxious pollution as they are openly vented. They pose a health threat to the communities along the tracks.

Zenith expanded their crude oil terminal in Northwest Portland without first getting the necessary permits to operate. The City has denied their LUCS and DEQ has denied their Air Quality Permit but they continue to operate.

Adding to the peril, Zenith Energy’s terminal is in the North Portland Industrial area, a region at high risk of liquefaction in the event of an earthquake. The threat of irreparable damage and pollution would occur in the event of an earthquake.

Watch this video from Breach Collective to find out how.

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